Thank You, America!

Autobiography of a Naval Career

Some of my poetry!

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Landlocked Sailor

Colorado sailor, so far from the sea,
No salt in the air or ocean to see.
It was good to stand on the bow underway,
In heavy seas with a face covered in salt spray.
To feel the wind blowing against your life vest,
Checking to be sure it is tight on your chest.
Turning your back on the onslaught of wind,
Facing aft at aircraft fighting off the din.
Watching young men in shirts of yellow, green, and blue,
Quite a rainbow for the old salt eyes to view.
And there were the red shirts at their fire station,
Praying there would not be a break in the operation.
Purple shirts scurrying about with fuel lines taut,
Giving airplanes a pure drink without any salt.
And flight deck safety would always come first,
Men in white shirts watching for a burst.
And up on the bridge the skipper watched intent,
Making sure the men were earning their free rent.
I was just one man, on that sea going city,
And now it is all done, what a sorrowful pity.
I served my country twenty wonderful years,
But when I think of it I burst into tears.
For men and women still go out to sea,
Keeping our nation as free as can be.
All I can do is remember the past,
And wish that it would just last and last.
God bless our sailors that stand tall in the wind,
Our country is the greatest and it will never end.


Darkness at Sea

When a sailor leaves home for the open ocean,
There are usually many tears and deep emotion.
The ships make ready to pull away from the piers,
Loved ones left behind in a sea of tears.
The Bos'n pipes his mournful tune,
"The ship is underway" is heard too soon.
You stand on the deck, watch the pier grow smaller,
You think you could see her if you were only taller.
And soon enough, the shore fades away,
The sun is dipping low near the close of the day.
When the sun goes down far out at sea,
All I could do was think of you and me.
That last parting kiss was still fresh on my lips,
Why do men leave home on these mighty ships?
And now darkness is here, the sun has gone down,
All I do is think of us and wear my brow in a frown.
The daylight I can take for the business at hand,
Much work to be done and watches to stand.
But then there are times when all is quiet and still,
For a moment to be close to her I would nearly kill.
I'm a prisoner of my thoughts on this ship of steel,
I want her in my arms close, her warm body to feel.
I stare at the moon and I see there her vision,
Why did I ever make this sailing decision?
Days become weeks and weeks to a year,
Thank God it won't be long 'til I hold you my dear.
But sailors are destined for weeks and months out to sea,
So I pray her guardian angel will watch over her for me.
But until the painfully slow time goes by for us,
I will do the best job I can in daylight and darkness.


Daddy Come Home

My birthday is coming up soon,
We’re having a party about noon.
Daddy can’t you come home,
I don’t want to party all alone.
We just celebrated Veteran’s Day,
I did the best I could to pray.
Thanksgiving is coming soon,
We’re having dinner about noon.
Daddy can’t you come home,
I don’t want to eat all alone.
I will say a very special grace,
And pray that I will soon see your face.
Christmas is coming soon,
We’re opening presents way before noon.
Daddy can’t you come home,
I don’t want to see my presents alone.
I will say special words about baby Jesus,
And pray that you see him too with us.
And now a year has come and gone,
Daddy you’ve been away much too long.
Daddy cant’ you please come home,
I’m growing up, but I don’t want to do it alone.
I will say my prayers at bedtime tonight,
And pray and pray that you are safe and all right.
And now a stranger stands at our door,
I don’t know why he is there for sure.
I heard him say it is with deep regret.
Mommy is frowning, her brow in a fret.
She drops to her knees and begins to cry,
I look at the stranger and I don’t know why.
His uniform is like Daddy’s, I wish it was he,
But your Daddy’s not coming home you see.
He is safe in heaven with Jesus above,
But he sends you his undying love.
Daddy has gone home!


Morning Glory

This morning you looked a little blue,
It seemed your color had lost its hue.
Your red looked like fresh blood just shed,
From a wounded soldier now dead.
Your white was stained from many tears,
But because of you we have no fears.
For you are the red, white, and blue,
We will give up our life to protect you.
For you old glory, brave souls have stood proud,
No leftist, terrorist, or freedom hater allowed.
For brave men and women do stand very tall,
They will defend the American way until they fall.
They will defend lady liberty to the bitter end,
To let old glory fly, no negotiation or bend.
For this is the land of the free,
A home made safe for you and me.
A place to say just what we think,
We can say the politicians do stink.
To go to a church of our own choice,
To be able to express our view with our voice.
A land of public news and a free press,
To tell the readers about a big mess.
Some would tarnish our flag so glorious,
But there it will stand, still victorious.
Because what you can’t see in the flag,
Is the American spirit, that is no brag.
God bless our American troops who defend,
And Lord bring them home at wars end.
I’m proud of our American heritage story,
And our flag makes each morning a day of glory!


Given All

Brave men and women love this American land,
But they don’t show it off in front of a grandstand.
They show it through service in foreign places,
They wear bravery and courage on their proud faces.
Trying to bring freedom and democracy where strangers have trod,
Folks they don’t even know, but they do it for love of God.
America has asked them to stand tall, an example for all to see,
The kinds of freedom we take for granted like the waves on the sea.
They volunteered from Kansas, Maryland, and tin-buck-two,
They come from all over to keep freedom for me and you.
Many leave their families for months on end,
They try to do their best and never bend.
Many come home with damaged limbs and brains,
Their hopes and dreams covered in blood stains.
And some never get to see home at all,
Because they have answered a far greater call.
They’ve pushed a comrade out of harms way,
And took the brunt of a blast that day.
Their friend’s eyes is the last they saw,
When they took the heat and given all.
God bless our men and women so proud,
God will announce their coming home out loud.
Through heaven’s gate they pass in full dress,
Can we as Americans honor them any less?