Thank You, America!

Autobiography of a Naval Career

Excerpt from Chapter 6


In addition to female sailors, we also had female Marines or WMs (Women Marines). We had a nickname for them in those days called BAM which stood for Broad Ass Marines. I’m not proud that we called them that, but I want to be historically accurate in this book. I had one class of students with three WMs. One of them was PFC Blue. Now PFC Blue was an attractive gal with an attractive figure and she knew it, especially compared to many of her counterparts. They wore green fatigues and were required to keep their blouse shirts buttoned all the way to the top (neck).

 One of the regulations at the school regarding the administration of written exams as an instructor, if a student needed help on a test question, we were only authorized to read the question as written to the student. As I walked around the classroom while the students were taking an exam, PFC Blue held up her hand. I walked over to her desk and she said she didn’t understand a particular question.

 As required, I read the question to her and began to move away. She unbuttoned the top button on her shirt and said she still didn’t understand the question. As I back stepped, she put her hand on the second button and said she needed help. I leaned down close to her face and in a hushed tone said, “Blue, if you touch that button, I am going to kick your ass clear down to the Gunny’s office! Now button that top button!” She did and that was that!

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