Thank You, America!

Autobiography of a Naval Career

About me (us)!

I graduated from Gaithersburg High School, Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1959 and joined the Navy. Following boot camp at Great Lakes, IL and attending Aviation Electronics School in Memphis, TN, I returned home and married my high school sweetheart, Barbara, on June 19, 1960. I have never regretted either one of those decisions.

We have two sons and a daughter-in-law that we are extremely proud of, Joe, John and Shannan. Joe is a Software Engineer with ARRIS, Dr. John is currently a Navy Captain and Chief of Staff at Walter Reed National Military Center, Lieutenant Commander Shannan is in the Nurse Corps and is a Nurse Anestihetist.

We moved to Castle Rock, Colorado October 30, 2005 and absolutely love living in this part of our great country. Mountains to the west and plains to the east. A feast for the eye that only God could make. We love our family, church, friends, and military veterans and we love dogs. I also love to tell sea stories about my Naval career as well as to write patriotic poetry. Click here to read a few of my poems.

Veterans Day - 2006

Barbara, Bob, Shannan, John, Joe